Devil Mixture (sound by Ekoplekz). Montage of effected footage from 70s Hammer Horror films ‘Blood Orgy of the She-Devils’ and ‘The Devil’s Own’ (aka ‘The Witches’), passing through several layers of processes and effects, being digitised and uploaded to the internet, downloaded, refilmed from the screen with in-camera effects, digitally edited and in parts datamoshed and databent.

Ekoplekz: Devil Mixture Official Video from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.

Scratch Video/ Cabaret Voltaire-inspired video created by Jade Boyd for Uncanny Riddim by Ekoplekz, originally for his live set at The Outer Church in March. Various sections of films recorded from the TV screen, using video feedback, cross modulation of VHS signals, and real-time controls.

Ekoplekz: Uncanny Riddim Official Video from Jade Boyd on Vimeo.