A timelapse journey revealing a metropolis seemingly devoid of human presence.

During the Vivid Sydney after-dark festival, this piece was rear-projected from inside the exhibition space onto a large shop window coated with Greek yoghurt in Sydney’s old Rocks district, providing an ephemeral screen by night.

Part of Adam Sébire’s Roads to Nowhere (2012), a solo exhibition of photographic stills & video art shot in and around Dubai after the global financial crisis. Deserted, fully-signposted multi-lane highways cut swathes through the sand, only to end equally precipitously in the middle of nowhere; monuments to excess and the money that ran out.

METROpolis (2011)
Part of the Roads to Nowhere exhibition.
Single-channel High Definition video.
Stereosound design by Jeff Carey & Merlijn Twaalfhoven.
16:9 screen ratio. Dur: 1’31”. © Adam Sébire.