Correction, Please

June 1, 2013By RyszardMaxwell Nalevansky

Due to continuous tropes throughout the discourse of cinema, many titles present the viewer with an idea of what a film could be about. I have created titles and ideas for films and then manifested them into awards and movie memorabilia as justification of the works. Verbal information, titles in particular, that are assigned to a work guide our cognitive and emotional response to artwork. Creating a title that holds a strong implication, or a vague reference to a general environment of cinema can spark a notion of the cinematic. A study by Keith Millis in his essay, Making Meaning Brings Pleasure: The INfluence of Titles on Aesthetic Experiences, infers that a title can influence comprehension and aesthetic experiences to the extent that they provide alternative interpretations of the explicit art-work. What I am proposing is that a title alone, as well as a title accompanied by an image, in the right environment can evoke the cinematic.