Optical Fields

April 19, 2013By RyszardRachel Guardiola

That which is logical and phenomenological derives one out of another in continuous flux. As the subject of an image shifts, the viewer is transferred to an altered mode of visuality and thinking. With a background in both painting and photography, my studio practice consists of a series of projects that investigate the dichotomy between the quantifiable and experiential through the perception of light. Light as a drawing medium, can be observed and interpreted at different material states as its physicality continually transforms to alter the context of the image. I utilize technology as a vehicle to manipulate light, color, and scale in order to obscure the dimensions of reality, and ultimately allow the viewer to experience the edge of sight.

Presented is a video titled Optical Fields (2 min. 4 sec.) accompanied by a series of photographs titled Newman Slide Series. Generated with micro-imaging equipment traditionally used for scientific research, I am able to capture invisible imagery that relates the boundaries of the unseen to the cosmos. By abstracting notions of macro and micro worlds, technology is used to shape light in such a way that it obscures the dimension of scale, and allows empty space to take on the illusion of material form. Experimental sound recordings are layered onto the video track to add a secondary sensorial experience to that of vision. Sonic, moving, and still image are combined in this selection to transport the viewer to an alternative psychological landscape into the vast or minute.