Film Digitalia, No. 4

April 14, 2013By RyszardMatt Whitman

My work is primarily concerned with negotiating the role of materiality in the moving image, particularly at a time when it is becoming more and more common and practical to work digitally. I am interested in finding ways in which the digital and the electronic can have surface and texture, not as an illusion of materiality, but on the terms of these media as they exist in their own uniqueness and with their own set of constraints. To this end, I often seek in-between spaces of cinema, where the filmic and the digital can become confounded and the desire to attach oneself to one mode of being or the other becomes irrelevant.

Matt Whitman is a New York-based film and video artist. He received an MA in Media Studies from The New School for Public Engagement in 2012 and an MFA candidate in the Department of Fine Arts at Parsons the New School for Design. Recently, Whitman’s work has been shown at Light Assembly (Verge Art Fair: Miami Beach), Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, the Soho Gallery for Digital Art, and the Big Apple FilFestival at Tribeca Cinemas in New York.

“The bodies of the digital video camera and the film camera are attached to each other and simultaneously capture a monitor feed coming from the digital camera itself. The resulting seizure/supernova, induced for and by the digital apparatus is witnessed by the film camera. The final result is a perversion, a mutual cannibalization and a durative moment of montage between these two ontologies (the digital and the filmic).”