Untitled (Mad Clowns)

April 14, 2013By RyszardDaniel Cherrin

Shot on location at The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride, in Gradyville, Pennsylvania this single channel video piece is an example of Cherrin’s absurdist scenes. Cherrin’s video surveys an array of masked characters existing in and responding to the world. Within Cherrin’s works Symbolism is used to make illogical connections. His work often juxtaposes the imagined with documentary images to stimulate further associations within the viewer, who is confronted with new ways of seeing and understanding the world.

Daniel A. Cherrin is an international photographer and filmmaker who seeks to expand human rights for all people. Cherrin has documented a range of human and political struggles globally. The possibility that art may serve justice and humanism is an idea that motivates his work. As an artist Cherrin explores expressionistic ways of dealing with the various cycles of suffering and political themes in the world. He uses animal death and sacrifice as a metaphor for the human condition throughout much of his work. Dissonance, sacrifice, and ritual are frequent conceptual lenses in his work.

Unititled(Mad Clowns), HD video, 2013. By Daniel Cherrin.