Palestine Interrupted

April 13, 2013By RyszardAdam Abel

Adam Abel is a New York based artist working with photography, video and film. He has been making work about the relationship between narrative and Palestine for the last three years. He has spent significant time living and filming in the West Bank for his upcoming feature documentary film Qalqilya. Qalqilya tells the story of a group of Palestinian youth that skate, do parkour, and perform beatbox and hip-hop in Qalqilya, a city in the West Bank surrounded by the Israeli wall. Their dream, and the goal of the film, is to build the first skatepark in Palestine.

Interested in exploring the challenges of telling a Palestinian story to a western audience, Abel utilized footage from his time in the West Bank to create a nine-channel video installation called Palestine Interrupted. Each of the nine videos are looped independently and arranged on separate monitors mapped out in the shape of the circle.

There is no timing or story to follow. Abel uses narratives from Palestine to disrupt narratives about Palestine. Predictable images of military, checkpoints, walls and violence are absent in his videos. Through fragmented vignettes and sensorial experience, Abel weaves together moments that are melancholic, hopeful, mundane and anxious.

Palestine Interrupted Trailer from Adam Abel Studio on Vimeo.

New Teaser Trailer from Adam Abel Studio on Vimeo.