Report From The Front

April 4, 2013By RyszardAziz+Cucher

Report from the Front  (2011, 4mins 30 secs) by Aziz+Cucher is a single-channel video that turns an archeological excavation site into a potential battlefield whereby viewers are confronted with themes of land ownership, history and digging, and searching for a trace of belonging and meaning. The piece uses documentary footage that presents the facts and labor behind an archeological excavation, from a distance and without emotion — ethnographically. The forceful voice-over narration of an “archeological despot” adds a layer of humor that reveals a tragic/comedic paradoxical effect.

A Report From The Front, Aziz + Cucher, 2011

We have been collaborating as a team since 1992, working with photography, video, sculpture, animation and motion graphics.  During the nineties, our work was considered pioneering in the emergent field of digital photography and for the first ten years of our practice we attempted to represent the human body in the face of rapidly accelerating technological development. Subsequently, we began to use moving image as a vehicle for exploring a digital consciousness that allows for the simultaneous perception of multiple perspectives and scales, as well as for the blurring of distinctions between the body and its environment, the exterior and the interior, the organic and the artificial, the cells and the stars. More recently, our video work includes a faux-documentary aesthetic approach.