The Twilight Girls

February 4, 2013By RyszardThe Twilight Girls

The Twilight Girls is the creative collaboration between Jane Polkinghorne and Helen Hyatt-Johnston that began in 1990 and exists concurrently with their individual art practices. The works are realised in various medias including photography, sculpture, installation and video with a focus on a feminist, humorous interpretation of their bodies passed through the lens of popular culture and media representations.

Their fixation on the ridiculousness, the horror and the pathos of their own experiences of the female body is a touchstone across many works. Through enactments of various politically incorrect and bad taste films and styles The Twilight Girls critique while mimicking, parodying while glorifying popular culture as well as its dirty underbelly in the B-Grade genres of horror, soft porn cinema and trash magazines. As a pair of fabulous nobodies we are attempting both literally and metaphorically to live in a fantasy-realising cinematic world. The work is produced with elements of humour and disgust, as well as love. These elements are pervasive as The Twilight Girls integrate and counter, critique and adore representations of themselves, gender and representation itself.