Space Oddity

January 25, 2013By RyszardJai McKenzie

Space Oddity (2012) continues Jai McKenzie’s ongoing research into un-built, propositional architecture of the mid 20th Century. Space Oddity features lighting elements and a large hand-made net, the pattern of this net is based on repetitive patterns the artist found in architectural drawings by Superstudio. By working with forms that were never actualised McKenzie activates Superstudio’s models for experience. Similar to minimalist practices of the 20th century, McKenzie employs systems, seriality and sequence to create an illusory plane or structure. However, unlike minimalists who used seriality to remove subjective decisions, here the surface of the net is imperfect and made by hand; instead repetition serves as a means for meditation for both the artist while making the work and the viewer while observing the final piece. It is intended that the viewer get lost in this pattern and open themselves to perceptual observation which is aided by the addition of light. Here light is used to dematerialise form and create an opening for various ways of seeing.