November 19, 2012By RyszardAngela Garrick, News

Traces is a residency/exhibition project by Angela Garrick. It runs until November 30th at level 1 123-125 George St. The exhibition is part of the SCA at The Rocks Pop-Up project.

traces from Angela Garrick on Vimeo.

A MFA candidate at Sydney College of the Arts, Angela is interested in the intersection of psychology and place in film. Her research inspects the nature of spatial relations – particularly notions of home and the spaces not yet travelled. She has exhibited her work in North America and Australia.

Using a selection of materials that range from architectural source books to personal video archives,Traces will investigate the relationship between personal and collective remembrances of space. The city square, the historic monument and well known natural landmarks all reside within our consciousness as symbolic of either home or afar. Through our experiences with film, these places are framed as sites of touristic exploration, hedonism, memorial and desire. Traces will visit these places of spectacle and investigate and reveal the kitsch, cliche and ultimate ruin that they embody.

From the palisade to the screen, by way of stone ramparts, the boundary – surface has recorded innumerable perceptible and imperceptible transformations, of which the latest is probably that of the interface. Once again, we have to approach the question of access to the city in a new manner. For example, does the metropolis possess its own facade? At which moment does the city show its face?
– Paul Virilio